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i) Parker, Ida A. (Ida Alice Parker)
Birth: 1878 Jackson Co., N.C.
Death: AFT. 1910 in Jackson Co., N.C. <--- wrong! Ida died in Hamilton,
Washington (Skagit County) in 1954.  She is buried in the Hamilton Cemetery.
Gender: Female
17 FEB 1895
Parker, Wilburn J. (Wilburn Joseph Parker - Cousin)
Birth: SEP 1874 Jackson Co., N.C.
Death: AFT. 1920 Jackson Co., N.C. <------ Wrong! He died in 1947 Hamilton,
Washington (Skagit County) and is buried in the Hamilton Cemetery.
Gender: Male
Wilburn and Ida and several of the grown children followed my Grandfather Lester
Parker to Washington State in the 1930's. They came out by rail car and settled
in the logging town of Hamilton. Sons Roy, Ralph, and daughter Dessie came out
here with them and joined my Grandfather. Sons Hub and Frank stayed in North
Carolina and lived outside of Canton. Daughter Cora lived in Caney Forks.
Daughter Bertha lived in Johnson City, TN.  Bertha was the youngest and passed
away in 2003 in Knoxville, TN at the age of 93.
Hope this helps fill in the tree.
Terry Berger
October 2006

I am Ida and Wilburn's great granddaughter. Ida died in 1954 in Hamilton,
Washington (Skagit County). Wilburn died in Hamilton, Washington in 1947.  Both are buried in the Hamilton Cemetery next to my grandparents.  My grandfather was their son Lester Parker (no middle name) born March 21, 1905 in Haywood County North Carolina. In the late 1920's my grandfather walked out of the mountains of North Carolina and caught a train to Washington State. Many extended family members from Haywood County relocated to Skagit County during the late 1920's and during the Depression of the 1930's. My grandfather brought his parents and several brothers and sisters out here in a box car by train.  Ralph Parker and his wife Nancy came out and they lived in Lyman, Washington. Their son Lloyd still owns  the house. Ralph and Nancy had five children Reba Parker Moore, twins Larry and Lloyd Parker, and two daughters I knew but cannot remember the names.  My granddad's sister Dessie lived in Sedro Wooley, Washington, and I can remember going to her house. Uncles Frank and Hub stayed in North Carolina on the Upper Pigeon River. Aunt Cory stayed in North Carolina as well and lived in Gastonia. The youngest Parker daughter was my Aunt Bertha Parker Tipton. She was my grandmother's best friend. She lived in Johnson City, Tennessee and she was married to Clifford Tipton. They have three daughters Sue, Joanne, and Peggy that currently live in Tennessee.  My Aunt Bertha got my Grandmother and Grandfather to become pen pals in the 1940's. Lester was my father's step-father he was only married once and that was to my Grandmother. In the 1950's my Dad married my mother here in Washington, they met while he was in the Navy in California, Grandma came to Washington for the wedding because Mom was from Marysville, WA.  Grandpa Lester lived in Hamilton about 50 miles from here so he came to meet Grandma when she came for the wedding. They married six weeks later.  They lived in Hamilton Washington and then in the early 1970's moved back to the Canton, North Carolina, area on his brother Frank's farm. In the early 1980's they came back to Washington. Grandpa died the Monday after Thanksgiving 1984.
The Skagit Valley is full of names that appear all over your Parker History for North Carolina. Parker, Queen, Bryson, and Wood are a few I remember. Many of the cousins are still there. If you drive East on Highway 20 and look at the names on the mail boxes you will see a lot of familiar family names from the western North Carolina area.
Terry Berger
December 2006

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