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Greetings, my Western North Carolina heritage stems from the late 1700s, and many of my relatives presently reside in the area that our ancestors originally settled and inhabited. This website is created to assist in collecting and disseminating related family history and to connect with kin folks from around the world. The internet has allowed me the opportunity to meet relatives from various continents, and many of these kind cousins have contributed precious family history and heritage.


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Credits: I express deepest appreciation to the Yahoo Mountain Kin and Genealogy Research Group and to Cousin Shawna Hall [Shawna's Genealogy Site] for her contributions and generous permission to employ the provided "hyperlinks." I am also very grateful to Cousin and Rev. Dan Johnson [Johnson Pyatte Website] for his dedication, extensive knowledge, and Parker Descendant Information. Unless otherwise stated, all information and links are to be considered starting points.


The below site is highly recommended for persons interested in their Western North Carolina genealogy, heritage, and history. It is a Yahoo Group and free to join; come and discover your roots and even share your information. Through this group, I also discovered cousins residing only 45 miles away. Inform the moderator that Matt Parker sent you.

Western North Carolina Genealogy Research Group, aka Mountain Kin Group


Contact me at

An Online Genealogy Resource:

Genealogy Chart Example [General "Stonewall" Jackson]

Understanding How We are Related:

"Removed" is simply a genealogical term to refer to the difference in generations: if 2 people share the same grandparents, they are 1st cousins; the same ggrandparents, 2nd cousins; the same gggrandparents, 3rd cousins, etc.
But in order to calculate 2 people who are related, but are in different generations, the term 'removed' is used: my grandma's 1st cousin, would be my 1st cousin, twice removed...she and I are separated by 2 generations. And so on...
Courtesy of Cousin and Rev. Dan Johnson (Johnson Pyatte Website)

Growing up, we always counted cousins as one number for each half of a generation, for example if my grandfather and your grandfather had the same grandparents, they would be 1st cousins; my grandfather and your father would be 2nd cousins; my father and your father would be 3rd cousins; my father and you would be 4th cousins; you and I would be 5th cousins.

HOWEVER, that is not how the Relationship Calculator on my genealogy program works.  This is how it goes:  My grandfather and your grandfather would still be 1st cousins; my grandfather and your father would be 1st cousins 1 time removed; my father and your father would be 2nd cousins; my father and you would be 2nd cousins 1 time removed; you and I would be 3rd cousins.

See the difference? I suppose the genealogy program uses the "correct" way of calculating.
Courtesy of Cousin Linda Anders (Mrs. Anders is the Transylvania County Coordinator, webmaster, and representative to state and national projects)

Website of Interest:

William Thomas, from western North Carolina, was the only White Cherokee Chief, he was cousin to President Zachary Taylor, and in-law to Confederate President Jefferson Davis. He was also a state senator, lawyer, Indian agent, and Confederate colonel.

William Holland Thomas' Legion of Cherokee Indians and Highlanders
 (69th North Carolina Regiment)

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