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English: occupational name for a gamekeeper employed in a medieval park, from an agent derivative of Middle English parc ‘park.’  This surname is also found in Ireland.

"Parker Coat of Arms" (Click Here)

Parker is English, and Parker (Immigrants) origin is England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Primary Ports of Departure for the surname Parker: England, Ireland and Scotland.
In the 1800s - in the United Kingdom - only 3 locations each had over 10% of the total number of Parkers. These areas were: Lancashire, Yorkshire and London.
According to 1880 United States Census Records, the greatest percentage of Parkers resided in North Carolina.

Current Parker Average Life Expectancy is 73 (Source: Social Security Death Index)

Over 9,500 Parkers fought in the American Civil War
There were about 4116 Parkers which served the Confederacy in the Civil War.
North Carolina provided 611 Parkers, 540 from Georgia, 456 from Alabama, 445 from Mississippi, 350 from Virginia, 336 from Tennessee, 303 from Texas, 255 from Arkansas, and 226 from South Carolina, 149 from Louisiana, and 108 from Florida, Some came from Missouri, Kentucky and Delaware.
There were about 5255 Parkers which served in the Union Military.
1,050,000 Total Confederate Troops
2,213,363 Total Union Troops
Total Veterans of the Civil War 3,263,363
11 North Carolina Parkers served in the Union Army. It is believed that 3 of the 11 were from Western North Carolina. These 3 served as Union Scouts and were very familiar with the topography of Western North Carolina. 
1 Confederate soldier from Tennessee was named Elvis Parker.
No Parkers from New York City served the South.
Most common surname serving during the Civil War was Smith. Over 70,000 Smiths served in the War. Over 47,000 were Yankees, and over 24,000 joined the South.

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