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Birth: 28 JAN 1837 N.C.
Death: 8 OCT 1920 Jackson Co., N.C.
Gender: Female
Father: Parker, Pleasant
Mother: Cathey, Rebecca Haseltine
Owen, Merritt Tillman
Parker, Mary Caroline
Marriage: 14 JUN 1860 in Jackson Co., N.C.
Long, Samuel Mathew (Died in The Battle of Fredericksburg--see below)
Birth: ABT. 1839 Haywood Co., N.C.
Death: 13 DEC 1862 Fredericksburg, Va.
Gender: Male
Long, Sarah Rebecca
Long, Nancy J.

Lt. Samuel M. Long served in the 25th North Carolina Infantry Regiment and most likely died at Marye's Heights (pronounced Maury's Heights).

Fredericksburg I  

Other Names: Marye’s Heights

Location: Spotsylvania County and Fredericksburg

Campaign: Fredericksburg Campaign (November-December 1862)

Date(s): December 11-15, 1862

Principal Commanders: Maj. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside [US]; Gen. Robert E. Lee [CS]

Forces Engaged: 172,504 total (US 100,007; CS 72,497)

Estimated Casualties: 17,929 total (US 13,353; CS 4,576)

Description: On November 14, Burnside, now in command of the Army of the Potomac, sent a corps to occupy the vicinity of Falmouth near Fredericksburg. The rest of the army soon followed.  Lee reacted by entrenching his army on the heights behind the town. On December 11, Union engineers laid five pontoon bridges across the Rappahannock under fire. On the 12th, the Federal army crossed over, and on December 13, Burnside mounted a series of futile frontal assaults on Prospect Hill and Marye’s Heights that resulted in staggering casualties. Meade’s division, on the Union left flank, briefly penetrated Jackson’s line but was driven back by a counterattack. Union generals C. Feger Jackson and George Bayard, and Confederate generals Thomas R.R. Cobb and Maxey Gregg were killed. On December 15, Burnside called off the offensive and again crossed the river, ending the campaign.  Burnside initiated a new offensive in January 1863, which quickly bogged down in the winter mud. The abortive “Mud March” and other failures led to Burnside’s replacement by Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker in January 1863.

Result(s): Confederate victory

Source: National Park Service

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